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Date Time

Add Time parameters to your Date question

Adding a Date Time Question

The Date/Time answer type expands the Date answer type. By default, a Date/Time question displays six fields, year, month, day, hour, minute, and AM/PM. You have the option of displaying a date/time widget, and the actual date/time value. When a date/time question is submitted by a user, Kinetic Request formats the date in a standard ISO format – YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ, even though the date displayed on the form is Day Name, Month Name Day, Year Hour:Minute:Seconds (24 hour time format).  Date/Time questions always default to the current date and time.

Example of a blank Date/Time dialog:

date time blank dialog.JPG

Text Size sets the width of the Display Question value field.

Answer Style sets the language of the month drop-down list - required.

Allow Blank sets the Date/Time to NULL when the page is loaded.

Show Calendar displays the Calendar widget with Time options, and makes the Hide Date Fields option available.

Display Question Value makes the full date/time value visible in a nice format. The default Text Size of 20 should be increased to at least 60 if this option is checked.

Hide Time Fields will remove the time drop-down lists. Make sure that the Calendar widget is available to allow customers to set the time.

Example of date/time calendar widget and fields:

date time web display.JPG

Answer Mapping allows you to set the value of you Date question to an attribute field of the request.

Transient means that the asnwer will not be saved to the database when the page is submited. This is used for work or temporary fields.