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Set Fields - External

Using Bridging with a Set Fields - External Event


Bridging can now be used to perform Set Fields - External events to fill in questions on your service item.

Here is an example of a blank Set Fields - External dialog. This one is from a Load event on the Initial page of a service item.

blank set fields external.JPG

Much of the dialog is the same as the original (pre-bridging) dialog.

Model refers to the model listed on the Structures tab of the Bridge Manager

Qualification drop-down gives you the list of pre-configured qualifications based on the model selected. For example, if you select Customer as the model, you will have qualifications like search by ID, or search by last name.

The Parameter Table is completed by selecting the appropriate parameter value for the selected qualification. In the example below, the parameter is the users login ID. Here is the qualification from the Bridge Manager:

Here are the two bridge entries that determine the qualification.

Abstract qualification with parameter from the model:

abstract user qualification.JPG

Specific qualification from the mapping:

specific customer login qualification.JPG


Here is a completed example for lookup by login ID

completed set fields external.JPG

You can set the parameter qualification table uses the login ID as the parameter for the lookup. The mapping of values is nearly the same, except that the options for mapping values from is set by the model.

Mapped attributes from the model:

model with attributes.JPG

Available attributes from the mapping in the event:

mapping with attributes.JPG


If you decide not to use bridging for this event, uncheck the Use Bridging check box.