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Custom Event

Replace Simple Data Requests with Bridging


A Simple Data Request (SDR) is used to pull information from Remedy, and pass it to a jsp file for display. One difficulty with SDR is that it must be reproduced each time you want to use one. The advantage to bridging is you can create the bridge model and structure once and use it over and over.

Here is an example of a blank Custom event:

custom blank dialog.JPG

Model refers to the selection of models available on the Structures tab of the Bridge manager.

Qualification is the list of available qualifications for the selected Model.

Here is an example of a completed Custom event. This event will count the number of records in the KS_SAMPLE_People form and display specifics. In this case the results are the number of records in two formats.

custom completed dialog.JPG

Here is an example of the service item:

custom request example.JPG


The Total Employee Count and Count Results fields are returned by the code in the Custom event.


Documentation on the Bridging js events is found here (comning soon).