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Update Web Servers

Use the Update Web Server hyperlink to reflect the web server that this template should be deployed to by default.  This is particularly helpful when migrating from a development server to a production server, or updating sample data as a batch.  This process will work on a single template, or a group of templates.



  1. Clicking on the Update Web Servers hyperlink brings up the Change Web Server dialog.  This dialog enables you to pick one, some, or all of your current templates and set them to deploy to another web server individually or at the same time.



  1. Choose one or more templates from the table field to update.  If you started from Kinetic Survey you will only see Survey templates, if coming from Kinetic Request, you will only see Service Items.
  2. Select the New Web Server URL from the menu.
  3. Click Update.  The process may take a few minutes if many templates are selected.  When using this tool, image links and other html references will be changed in each template, and take time to process.