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Console tracks response times service items and their elements. Also includes a latency option for the Remedy serever.

Session Monitoring

Session monitoring allows you to track both the individual elements of a service item and its overall response time.

This option is limited to a single users session.

After clicking on Start Recording, service items that you open are broken down into components and their response times are shown.


When you have displayed your service item (Open Anonymous works great), click the Refresh button to see some results.


The Count column shows how many times the element appeared and the Average is the time in milliseconds that it took. As you open the service item again and complete its various elements, you can refresh for updated statistics.

Each session is broken out by service item.


The Call Graph option opens an alternate console showing more detailed response times.

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is used in the same way as session monitoring, except that it shows results from more than one user.

Because there is more than one user, no permanent record of the session is kept. When a new recording is started the information is added onto the past recording. If you want a new set of data you must select Clear from tha Actions menu.



Shows approximate amount of time for request between the web and Remedy (blue line) and the web and database through Remedy (black line).


After clicking on the Latency link, the data is collected continuously, but only about ten data points are kept and displayed at a time.