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The Caching Console is a view into what is being stored on your web server. Kinetic Request caches items to reduce load times for customers.

Where is the Cache held?

Cached items are held in memory on your web server within the Kinetic Request application. When the web server starts up, the application inspects the the Kinetic Request Remedy forms and loads into memory all of the items listed on the caching console. Records relating to items that are cached are held in the form KS_SRV_CacheEvent


How is the Cache Refreshed?

The application has a timed operation (every few seconds) that inspects the KS_SRV_CacheEvent form and compares to the current cache. If anything has changed (for example a new template) the cache is updated with the new information.

When changes are made to Kinetic Request Remedy forms, Remedy workflow updates the KS_SRV_CacheEvent form.

Do I Need to Refresh the Cache?

You should never have to refresh the cache for Kinetic Request. It is automatically rebuilt when the web server is restarted, and timed operations for the application check and refresh every few seconds.

How Much of the Application is held in Cache?

All of the application that can be accessed is held in cache. Elements include templates, bridging, attributes, and catalog information.