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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Export Console

Export process searches your system for all information relevant to a specific template and creates a zip file with all the individual Remedy export files and a manifest. Example screen with a template defined. Export with link for download.


  1. Select Application, either Kinetic Request or Kinetic Survey.
  2. Select either Catalog (kinetic Request) or Category (Kinetic Survey).
  3. Select the template to export.
  4. Options:
    1. Catalog Definition. Unless the Category/Catalog doesn't exist or it is being updated there is no reason to select this option.
    2. Data Set. Unless the Data Set doesn't exist or it is being modified there is no reason to select this option.
    3. Related Message Templates. Unfortunately Message Templates are only attached to the Catalog/Category so selecting this option brings all of them for a Category/Catalog with the export. For Kinetic Request it is becoming rare to use Message templates, so it is normally not an issue. For Kinetic Survey we often recommend using the Remedy Export tool to export separately. Message Templates are found in the Remedy form KS_MSG_MessageTemplate.
  5. Click Export. The system will search Remedy for all related elements of the template (and any options) and create a zip file that can be used by the Import Console. Click on the provided link and save.

NOTE: If the categories, data set, or related message templates boxes are checked when exporting templates, they will override those existing categories and data sets in your destination template when imported.