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Submission Locking

Submission locking allows a request to be locked by a single user.  This prevents other users from opening the submitted request and adding or changing answers.  This technique is usually not necessary to use for normal user requests, but it can be useful in certain situations.  One of these areas is in using approvals, where you want to ensure that only one person can approve or deny the request.  Another situation this technique is useful is in a fulfillment scenario where multiple fulfillers work a queue.  Fulfillers could be required to lock a submission before they are allowed to work on it, thus ensuring that only one user is working a fulfillment task at a time.


Submission locking is defined on a per template or service item basis.  So the template dictactes whether submissions for that template can be locked or not.  If submission locking is enabled for the template, then the service item owner can specify whether submissions are auto-locked (useful for approvals), or manually locked (useful for fulfillment), and when the submission lock expires, if ever.  Approvals would most likely be set to never expire, whereas fulfillment tasks might be set to expire in 30 minutes.


The submission lock setting can be found on the Settings tab of the Kinetic Request Service Catalog Console form.



  • Submissions Lock Type - this field defines what type of locking the service item supports
    • Automatic - submissions for this service item will be locked automatically when the submission record is created.  The submission will be locked to the user that created the base submission record.
    • Manual - submissions for this service item can be locked, but must be locked from an external event or task handler.
    • None - (Default) - submissions for this service item cannot be locked.
  • Submissions Lock Expiration - The amount of time (minutes) the lock will be valid.
  • Submissions Lockable By - The Remedy group that has access to lock submissions for this service item.
  • Submissions Unlockable By - The Remedy group that has access to unlock submissions for this service item.


When a submission is locked, only the user who holds the lock can modify the submission.  Other users will receive a warning when the page is loaded, and won't be allowed to submit any modifications.  The lock will be held until the lock expiration time has expired, or until the user that holds the lock submits the submission, which will cause the system to automatically release the lock.