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Chapter Eight - Force Password Change

Explains how to utilize the force password change in Remedy with Kinetic Request.



If the ARS server uses the built-in password management functionality (ARS V7.1 and greater), Kinetic Request can integrate to this functionality and require that users change their ARS password when they login to Kinetic Request.

Password Validations

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By default, not all of the built-in password validations are enforced.  This is because the default validations are enforced with active links, and there is no way to trigger these active links from Kinetic Request.

Default Validations

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The following validations are performed in the application by default:

1.     Confirm the AR Login is not null or blank

2.     Confirm the AR Login matches the value the user logged in with

3.     Confirm the current password matches the password in the user record

4.     Confirm the new password is not null or blank

5.     Confirm the new password matches the new password confirmation

6.     Confirm the new password does not match the current password

Custom Validations

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The following active links can be duplicated as Remedy filters to enforce additional rules:

1.     User Password Change:CheckEnforcePolicyAndRestrictions

2.     User Password Change:GetPasswordLength

3.     User Password Change:EnforceHIPARules

4.     User Password Change:DisableSpecialCharacterRestriction

5.     User Password Change:EnforceHIPASpecialCharacters

6.     User Password Change:EnforceCustomQualifier



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The default Force Password Change service item is located in the SYSTEM DEFAULTS catalog.  This service item is used if the catalog does not contain a service item named “Force Password Change”.  The default form is very basic and doesn’t contain a company logo or any specialized styling. 

If your catalog requires a different theme, or a different look and feel, then you should clone the Force Password Change service item in the SYSTEM DEFAULTS catalog into your catalog.  Then you can apply any styling changes you need to fit your catalog theme.  Other catalogs will simply use the system default service item unless they too contain a service item named Force Password Change.