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Configuration Items Tab

Individual items including Default Settings and License Keys.



The configuration items tab displays information on the configuration of your system.  This is typically used during the installation of the application and does not need to be changed unless your environment changes.  The configuration items are discussed in more detail in the Kinetic SR Installation and Configuration Guide.

Add a Configuration Item

Edit section

1.         From Configuration Manager click the Configuration Items tab and click Add.

2.         Make a selection from the Configuration Type drop-down list box.

3.         Select a Locale from the drop-down list box. For example: English (Canadian).  --Optional--

4.         Select a Status from the drop-down list box.

5.         Select a Property from the drop-down list box. For example: Remedy Property or Web Property.  --Optional--

6.         Enter your configuration value in the Configuration Value field. For example: Submit if you select Submit Button Text for theConfiguration Type.

7.         Click the ellipses (…) next to the Configuration Value field to add, edit, or delete content in that field.

8.         Click the Save button. Your new Configuration Item is saved.

Modify a Configuration Item

Edit section

1.         Double click on the Configuration Item. Click the Modify button.

2.         Make your modifications to the Configuration Type, Locale, Status, Property, and/or Configuration Value fields.

3.         Click the Save button.