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Settings Tab


Provides a variety of functions including Attributes, Messages, and Submission Locking.


The main function of the Settings tab is to control the Attributes that are set for a service item. Attributes allow you to add information to a service item without having to create extra fields on the Kinetic Remedy forms. You can define your own attributes from the Attributes tab on the Configuration Manager

Example of Settings Tab:

settings tab basic.JPG

Available Attributes are listed on the left side table on the Settings tab. Once the attribute is created, it is shown on the right hand table - Configured Attributes. To add a specific attribute value, click the attribute you want on the left hand table, enter the appropriate value (or select from the list) and click Add. To modify or delete a configured attribute value, select the attribute value from the right side table, and then click the Modify or Delete buttons.

Description of preset Attributes:

Category - used to relate the service item to one or more categories of the service catalog.

Keyword - general use value, often used for tracking Authors.

Expiration Days - used to expire requests that have not been completed in a specified number of days.

Header Details, Header Icon, Header Link - used to define the header of the service item. Referenced by the displayPage.jsp file.

Review JSP, Review Tab JSP, Review Exclude Pages, Review Preload Pages - allow you to use attributes to set parameters for your review request iframes with attributes instead of hard-coding them into the URL. See the following article on Review Request.

Web Messages and Priority

Web Messages allows you to setup specific error messages for your service item. These would override the generic error messages that are set on the Configuration Manager. The available web messages include: Generic Error, No Access, Survey Instance Closed, Survey Not Found, and Survey Template Closed.

Example Web Messages Dialog:

settings tab web message dialog.JPG

The Priority field is an integer only field that sets the sorting of service items within a Category. A lower number means a higher priority.

Locked Option

The locked field allows the current service item author to lock the service item against other authors. Check the Locked check box and save the service, and the user ID will be placed in the Locked By field. The identified user can uncheck the Locked check box and free the service item for other authors.

Submission Locked

Submission Locked allows you to lock individual request against editing except for a specific group or person (User ID). This feature is often used when requests can be assigned to a specific person, like a fulfillment process.

Submission Lock Type has the following three Options:

  • None - not lockable.
  • Manual - create specific events or other actions to lock submissions.
  • Automatic - targeted requests are locked for the assigned person (Remedy Submitter).

Submission Lock Expiration is by the number of minutes.

Submission Lockable By and Submission Unlockable By are Remedy Groups that are allowed to lock or unlock submissions. You can only select one group.