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Set Fields - External

Set an answer with data from either Remedy fields or other systems (using Bridging)

Adding a Set Fields - External Event

This event is used to populate questions on a request with data from either the Remedy system, or some outside system (using Bridging). It is often used to set person information after a lookup, or to set asset or approver information before submission.

Here is the informtion on completing a Set Fields - External event with Bridging.

Example Set Fields - External Blank Dialog:

set fields external blank dialog.JPG

To create a new Set Fields External event, you need to identify the form the data is coming from, the qualification to use against that form, and the fields to return to your service item.

Form is a drop-down list of available Remedy forms.

Sort by field is a specific field on the selected form that can be used as a sorting field (like an integer field).

Sort order is another option for sorting, options are ascending or descending.

On Multiple Records Select has the options First or Show List. First will return the first match and is used normally when you have a specific key value for your look-up, like a User ID. Show List is used when you are returning a group of results that can be displayed in a table format. The customer is then prompted to select one of the options.

Max Entries determines how many results are returned. It has a value of one for the Multiple Records Select of First. The value defaults to 12 for Show List.

Use Get Entry will fire the Get Entry filters on the selected form if it is checked.

Wait Until Finished and Timeout (seconds) are only available if you select Multiple Records Select value of First. They will cause the event to wait a certain amount of time for a result.

Set To Null on No Match will set all the mapped fields (see below) to null if there is not a match to the qualification.

Show Alert on No Match will present a pop-up window with a custom message if no match is found for the qualification. If you select this option, there will be a field (Alert message) that allows you to customize the message.

Qualification field and Build Qualification button allow you to create a qualification that incorporates all the values from the selected form, answers from the current request page, and attributes from the request.

Example of the Quaification Builder:

set fields external qualification builder.JPG

Source Form is the Remedy form selected above.

Current Form allows you to retrieve answers from any questions on the current page or attributes that are available.

The last task to complete for a Set Fields - External is mapping the fields on the selected Remedy form to the question on the service item.

Example of Field Mapping dialog:

set fields external mapping dialog.JPG

Destination fields:

Template is the service item with the questions that are being mapped to - defaulted and not changeable.

Question is a list of all available questions.

Source fields

Form is the selected Remedy form - defaulted and not changeable.

Field is a list of all the available fields from the selected Remedy form. Fields are presented in a special format that cannot be altered - <FLD>Remedy Field Name;Remedy Field DB ID</FLD> example: <FLD>First Name;240000004</FLD>

Value is the final set of all fields and static text that is passed to the Destination Question. You do not need to use any special characters, just add the fields and static text as desired.

Visible in Table is a drop-down list with Yes and No (default Yes) that determines whether the returned Remedy field is shown in the table of results.  

Label is an option if you want to display something besides the remedy field name.