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Notifications Tab

Available only for List and Numeric Range answer types, send emails based on scoring criteria

Adding a Notification


The Notifications tab allows you to send one or more notifications. Typically used to notify a manager of a particular request submission, such as someone needing a new PC, or access to a report. 

Notifications can be either Standard or Dynamic. Standard notifications will include a static email address for the notification.  Dynamic Notifications will derive the “To” address from a value within the request itself. 

NOTE: With the addition of the new Task Builder in version 5.0. notification are normally done as part of the task tree. However this method is still valid and may be useful.

Example of a Blank Notification tab:

notifications tab blank dialog.JPG

Notification Type has the options Standard or Dynamic.

Standard takes a static email address

Dynamic lets you pick an answer or attribute from the service item

Send Email To has the recipient's email address.

When Value is is a drop-down list that has logical operators for checking against the score of the answer (=, <, >).

Score is an integer only field that represents the score.

Message Template is a drop-down list of available message templates.

Status will make the individual notifications: Active, Inactive, or Delete them from the question.

Trigger on Validation Status Change will only check the notification if the Validation Status field is changed. This field can be used for approvals or customer information on web portals.

Save button saves the values in the above fields and creates the notification. It is then available in the table on the bottom of the tab.

Clear button clears the above fields.

Modify and Delete buttons below the table allow you to maintain the notifications.