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Free Text

Create text input answers like names or summarys.

Adding a Free Text Question


Free text questions allow users to type any characters into a field.  This field can be multiple rows (a text area in HTML) or a single row. This is the most popular answer type and is the default selection when adding questions.

Example of a blank Free Text Question:

free text blank dialog.png

Text Size sets the width of the answer input field.

Text Rows determines the height of the answer field.

  • A value of 1 sets the field to a type of input field used for names or single line address fields.
  • A value greater than 1 creates a text area field, often used for summary or description fields.

Max Number of Characters sets the number of characters that can be entered into the free text field. The number of characters is checked on the keyup action. When you reach the max, no other characters are recorded.

Answer Mapping allows you to set the value of your Free Text question to an attribute field of the request.

Transient means that the answer will not be saved to the database when the page is submited. This is used for work or temporary fields.