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Create an Answer Type that checks for a correctly formatted email address.

Adding an Email Question

Email questions will display as a normal text field on a request.  When the customer moves focus away from the field, pattern matching will check for a valid email address (see the pattern on the validation tab for specifics).

If the email address is not formatted correctly, an alert box will appear with a specific message. After closing the alert box, the field label will be red.

Example of a blank Email question dialog:

email blank dialog.JPG

Text size refers to the width of the email answer field. The default value of 20 may need to be increased for longer email addresses.

Answer Mapping allows you to set the value of you Date question to an attribute field of the request.

Transient means that the asnwer will not be saved to the database when the page is submited. This is used for work or temporary fields.