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Common Question Settings

Explains the four fields that are common for every question.

Common Question Fields

There are four fields that are common for every question: Question, Question Label, Answer Type, and Menu Label.

Example of the common question fields:

common question fields.JPG

Question - This is the name of the question, and appears on the elements table on the Pages tab.

Question Label - What is shown to the customer when the service item is displayed on the web.

Answer Type - Define the parameters of the answer (size, range, choices, etc). Free Text is the default.

Menu Label - First forty characters of the Question field. This value is used for drop-down menus that refernce the answer in the service item (qualifications, message templates, and dynamic text fields).

Only the Question field is required. If the Question Label field is blank when the question is saved, it will automatically receive the value of the question field. The Menu label field is set with the first forty characters of the Question field when you leave the field. If you want the Question Label intentionally left blank (perhaps it will have a dynamic text label) check the Blank box directly above the field.

Generic Steps to Add a Question

To add a question to a service item:

  1. Select the element on the Pages tab thet you when the question to come after.
  2. Click the Add button on the right side of the Pages tab
  3. On the Element dialog click Add Question

The Question dialog will open with the answer type set to its default of Free Text.