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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Chapter Two - Users and Groups Administration

The purpose of this chapter is to provide Kinetic Request system administrators with definitions of user groups to apply within the Remedy user setup and security, which allows you to understand how to manage security. Typically, Remedy administrators assign and manage groups and users.

Description of Users and Groups

Kinetic Request delivers seven user groups for user security setup. Please see your Remedy Action Request System documentation for more information on assigning Kinetic Request User Groups to users.

There are now four types of users: Administrator, Request Manager, Request Inspector and Request Integrator, Request Migrator.


This user has Remedy AR System Administrator permissions and is often the person that installed the application. The Administrator has access to all forms including background request configuration information and can add users and groups to the AR System.

Request Manager

This user creates and modifies service items sent to customers. The number of Request Managers allowed for the system corresponds to the number of purchased Kinetic Manager licenses. This user must have the following groups added to their user record:

  • KS_SRV
  • KS_RQT_Manager
  • KS_MSG

If Kinetic Task is used as the task processing engine, then the following group should also be added to the user record:

  • KS_TSK_Manager

Request Inspector

This user can view request results, add notes to requests and close requests. Kinetic Request does not limit the number of Request Inspectors allowed to access the system. This user must have the following groups added to their user record:

  • KS_SRV
  • KS_SRV_Inspector
  • KS_MSG

Request Integrator

This user has access to managing the integrations associated with Kinetic Request and may have more technical expertise in creating qualifications from a data source that funnels customer information into Kinetic Request. This role can, and often will, be the same person as a request manager.

  • KS_SRV
  • KS_SRV_Integrator
  • KS_MSG

Task Manager

This user has access to the Task Administration web console where you can diagnose and restart failed tasks. They can also access the Task Builderand import new tasks into the engine.

  • KS_SRV
  • KS_MSG
  • KS_TSK_Manager


Request Migrator

Introduced v5.1.3

This user has the ability to import and export service items, but does not have access to manage service items.  This user must have a write license.

  • KS_SRV_Migrator


Remedy Group Descriptions

Group Name Group ID Description
KS_SRV 10105 Required. All users must be assigned to the KS_SRV group to access the Kinetic Request application through the Remedy user tool.  Customers completing requests from the web do not need to be members of any Remedy group.
KS_RQT_Manager 10350 Assign users to this group who create requests. IMPORTANT: Licensing is based on the number of users in this group. Each person assigned to this group is required to have a Kinetic manager License. Contact your Kinetic Data sales representative for more licenses or any questions.
KS_RQT_Inspector 10355 Assign users to this group to view completed requests. This group cannot create or modify service items.
KS_SRV_Reporter 10307

Assign users to this group who create or modify request reports, but are not already part of the Request Manager or Remedy Administrator groups. This group has visibility to all request-related forms for reporting purposes.

Use this group to give user access to all background forms for reporting, but not a Request Manager or Remedy Administrator.
KS_SRV_Integrator 10310 Assign to users who need access to create new integration points (data sources) for Kinetic Request.
KS_TSK_Manager 10381 Assign to users that need access to Task forms and are not Remedy Administrators.
KS_MSG 10110 Assign users to this group who create and modify request message text. Typically, these same users have KS_SRV_Manager permissions.
KS_CORE 10010 Required. All users must be assigned to the KS_CORE user group to access shared menus and forms across all Kinetic Data applications. Customers completing requests from the web do not need to be members of any Remedy group.
KS_SRV_Migrator 10309


Assign this group to users who should have the ability to import/export templates, but are NOT Kinetic Survey or Kinetic Request managers.