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This form is used as a Change Management Tool.


This form contains the following fields:


Label Field ID Type Table Form Table Qualification Field As Column
Request ID Request ID 1 Character      
Change Name Change Name 700000050 Character      
Description Short Description 8 Character      
Company Company 700000000 Character      
Location Location 720000001 Character      
Category Category 700000051 Character      
Type Type 700000052 Character      
Item Item 700000053 Character      
CI Configuration_Item 700002008 Character      
Risk Risk 700000060 Selection      
Priority Priority 700000061 Selection      
Impact Impact 700000062 Selection      
Status Status 7 Selection      
Group Assigned Group Assigned 700000071 Character      
Person Assigned Person Assigned 700000072 Character      
Start Date/Time Start Date/Time 700000081 Date/Time      
End Date/Time End Date/Time 700000082 Date/Time      
URL URL 700503509 Character      
T_Tasks T_Tasks 770000007 Table Field



 $instanceId$ = 'Change Id' instanceId, Request ID, Task Name, Task Description, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time, Status
_SurveyID _SurveyID 700002004 Character      
_SurveyName _SurveyName 700002005 Character      
_EventName _EventName 700002007 Character      
_TempID _TempID 700002003 Character      
_FireQualString _FireQualString 700002006 Character      
_IntegrationOperationID _IntegrationOperationID 700002012 Character      
_IntegrationID _IntegrationID 700001560 Character      
_Mapping_Data_Set _Mapping_Data_Set 700000829 Character      
CustomerSurveyInstanceID CustomerSurveyInstanceID 700000830 Character      
_CustomerSurveyStatus _CustomerSurveyStatus 700000831 Character      
_CustomerSurveyURL _CustomerSurveyURL 700000833 Character      
Link Id Link Id 700111111 Character      
instanceId instanceId 179 Character      

An Excel file containing this table is attached here.

If you would like to download and import this form into your Remedy environment the definition file can be downloaded here.


The following Handlers have been created for this form:

Kinetic Sample Change Create

Kinetic Sample Change Retrieve