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This form is an Inner join between the KS_SAMPLE_Asset (Primary) and the KS_SAMPLE_Event (Seconday) forms.  The join criteria uses the instanceId from the KS_SAMPLE_Asset form and joins to the Reference_Id on the KS_SAMPLE_Event form.  This form is used as a source form in the Kinetic Calendar application.


This form contains the following fields:


Label Field ID Type Source Form
Asset_Request_ID Asset_Request_ID 1 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_instanceId Asset_instanceId 179 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Description Asset_Description 707000000 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Type Asset_Type 707000001 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Tag Asset_Tag 707000002 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Serial_Number Asset_Serial_Number 707000003 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Notes Asset_Notes 707000004 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Owning_Group Asset_Owning_Group 707000005 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Owning_Person Asset_Owning_Person 707000006 Character KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Aquire_Date Asset_Aquire_Date 707000007 Date/Time KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Retire_Date Asset_Retire_Date 707000008 Date/Time KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Asset_Status Asset_Status 7 Selection KS_SAMPLE_Asset
Event_Event_Details Event_Event_Details 707000102 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Event_End Event_Event_End 707000106 Date/Time KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Event_Link Event_Event_Link 707000103 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Event_Start Event_Event_Start 707000104 Date/Time KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Event_Type Event_Event_Type 707000101 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Generic_Field_1 Event_Generic_Field_1 707000107 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Generic_Field_2 Generic_Field_2 707000108 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Generic_Field_3 Event_Generic_Field_3 707000109 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_instanceId Event_instanceId 536870915 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Reference_Id Event_Reference_Id 707000110 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Request_ID Event_Request_ID 536870918 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Status Event_Status 536870919 Selection KS_SAMPLE_Event
Event_Type Event_Type 707000100 Character KS_SAMPLE_Event

An Excel file containing this table is attached here.

If you would like to download and import this form into your Remedy environment the definition file can be downloaded here.