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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Chapter One - Overview

Kinetic Survey™ and Kinetic Request™ are comprehensive Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) applications for creating and administering all types of templates, reports, and forms using BMC Remedy Action Request System® (AR System). This installation guide is applicable to both Kinetic Survey™ and Kinetic Request™.  References to both application simultaneously as Kinetic SR.

Who Should Read This Manual?

To install Kinetic Survey™ and Kinetic Request™ software, the person performing the installation must be a Remedy Administrator and have some knowledge and access to your intended web server.  This guide is intended for AR System administrators, not users or managers.



As the Requirements are unique per version please find the Requirements located under each version on the following page.




Kinetic SR is licensed per AR System server and per Kinetic SR Manager user.  NOTE - there is NO limitation to the number of submitters (customers) using the system.


  • Server Licensing
    • Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request are licensed separately.  If both applications are purchased, a license key is included for each application.
    • If an organization has a production server and a development server, it’s necessary to purchase a license for each server.
    • The applications are licensed per Remedy server.  The license key is tied to your AR System or your Remedy Server.  An organization can choose to have as many web servers as needed pointing to a Remedy server, but licenses are purchased per Remedy Server.
    • Each AR System production server, on which Kinetic SR is installed, must have its own license.
  • Manager Licensing
    • Kinetic SR Managers can use both Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request with one license.
    • Manager licenses are named licenses, meaning they are tied to specific Remedy User records.
      • Example:  If Jane works in Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request, she does not need two Manager licenses, but only one in order to access both systems.  But if Jane works only in Kinetic Survey and Joe works in Kinetic Request, they will each require one Manager license.
    • If the number of users exceeds the number of licenses purchased, users receive a warning dialog when opening the manager console.
    • There is no limitation to the number of inspectors or submitters (customers) using the system.
  • Remedy AR System licensing
    • Kinetic SR licenses are in addition to any AR System licenses needed for your users, and do not take the place of AR System licenses.  Please see the BMC AR System documentation regarding AR System licenses.



For customer service support, go to the support section of our web site or call 651-695-8566.