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Export Tab

Exporting consists of exporting all corresponding data records for the survey or service item into the appropriate Remedy arx data files, and then packaging all the data files into one convenient zip file.  This zip file can then be imported into other Remedy servers as an easy way to migrate templates from one environment to another.


  1. From the Template drop-down selection, choose the template you want to export from the menu provided.  Include the Category/Service Catalog Definition,  Data Set, and Related Message Templates if applicable.

NOTE: If the categories, data set, or related message templates boxes are checked when exporting templates, they will override those existing categories and data sets in your destination template when imported.

  1. Click Submit.  The server will collect the data for all forms that the template uses, and package them in a convenient zip file.   A link will then be displayed to allow you to download the zip file to your local computer.
  2. Click Download the Zip.  A prompt will appear to download.
  3. Save the information through the browser, to your desktop, hard drive or network.  Information is now ready to be imported into your destination file or template.