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Web Messages

Document Overview

The following document will assist in developing a list of web messages for Kinetic Request.  Web messages are the message pages that are displayed when an exception is found.  The most common of these are:

  • Request Not Found
  • Request/Approval Already Submitted
  • Session Expired

Web Messages

Web Messages are set at the application level, meaning they apply to all forms within Kinetic Request.  However, you can also override these messages at the form level, as well.   Web messages can include any HTML, so it is often best to brand these like you would your other forms with a header and footer that matches the company branding.  The message text inside this can often be the same as what is included by default with Kinetic Request.

Example Web Message

The following is the default web message when a form isn’t found.  In a typical install, the Kinetic Powered would be removed and substituted with a company header banner and possibly a footer banner.  In addition, the email would not go to Kinetic Data Support but rather a support email within the company.


The table below lists the types of messages that are displayed along with the default values.  Change any of the items desired for your installation.

Web MessageType

Message Text

Generic Error

<b>There is an error with the item you are working with.
Please report this error to <a href="">Kinetic Data Support</a>.<br>
Thank you.

Allowable Length Exceeded

<b>The answers submitted exceed the allowable total length of characters.<br>
If you feel this is an error, please contact your system administrator.

Required Fields Error

The following fields are required and must be filled in:

Remedy Error Message

<b>There is an AR System error with the item you are working with. <br>
Please report this error to <a href="">Kinetic Data Support</a>.<br>.<br>The error is: </b><br><br>

Survey (Request) Instance Closed

<br><b>The item you are trying to access has already been submitted.<br>
If you feel this is an error, please email <a href="">Kinetic Data Support</a>.</b><br>

Survey (Request) Not Found

<b>We were not able to find the item you are trying to access. <br>
The most common reason for these errors are incomplete URLs or an incorrect ID<br>
If you are accessing this via an email message, check that the URL<br>
did not wrap over to two lines.  If so, try pasting the entire URL into your browser.<br>
For additional support please contact <a href="">Kinetic Data Support</a>.</b><br>

Session Expiration

Your session has expired.  Please refresh your browser or login again.

No Access <br>
<b>You do not have the correct permissions to access this form. <br>

For additional support please contact your system administrator.

Web Message Notes

At this point, identifying a header/footer and contact email is often all that is needed.  Enter that information below:

Message Identifier








Other Notes



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