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Document Overview

This article discusses training options for Kinetic Request and Kinetic Task.


For Kinetic Request, a basic knowledge of Remedy, CSS, and/or javascript is helpful, but not required. See below for Advanced Training for Kinetic Task.

Training Topics

Training for Kinetic Request is typically divided into two parts, a three day Request Manager class and a one day Administrator class.

Request Manager Class Description

Audience – Managers of Service Item forms and processes

  • Creating service catalogs and service items
  • Managing the look and feel of your portal and service items
  • Creating notifications
  • Creating tasks and approvals

Manager Class on Community

Request Administrator Class Description

Audience - Remedy Administrators

  • Understand how Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request integrate with other Remedy forms
  • Installation issues
  • Application Architecture
  • Bridge Manager
  • Brief introduction to Task Handlers

Administrator Class on Community

Advanced Task Training

This class is specific to Kinetic Task and is geared towards learning how to create your own Task Handlers. The class is three days.

Audience - Task Handler creators

Topics Covered

  • Overview of Task Engine
  • Review of Task Builder
    • Nodes
    • Connectors
    • Deferred Nodes and Triggers
    • System Handlers
    • Using Ruby in Nodes
    • Approvals
  • Task Engine Consoles
  • Task Handler Overview
    • File Format
    • Test Harness
    • Naming Conventions
    • Handler Input and Output
    • Standard Functions
  • Ruby Language Overview
  • ARS Models

Location and Attendance

Training classes usually are held at the customer’s location.  This allows us to focus on specific issues and examples for the customer.  

The Manager class is appropriate both for customers that are going to be creating and modifying service catalogs and service items.  It is also helpful for others that may be requesting, monitoring or approving service items, or that are involved in the process design.

The Administrator class is tailored for customers that are responsible for the maintenance and modifications to the Kinetic Request application. It is also helpful for customers that have completed the Manager training class.

The Advanced Task class is targeted for people that are creating and modifying task handlers. You do not have to take the Manager or Administrator classes, but it does help to have at least a basic understanding of the Kinetic Request application. It is also important to have an understanding of programming concepts. Previous experience with the Ruby language is not necessary but is helpful.

Class size for on-site training is only limited by the facilities where training will occur (number of computers, or classroom capacity), but a good guideline for maximum class size is twelve.

Classes can also be tailored for other content or audiences.  To contact our training department, send an email to:

There are also training sessions held each year at KEG, including the classes listed here and additional advanced topics.

If you only have one or two people at your company that need training, you can consider KEG, or reach out to our training department for other solutions.

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