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Installation Prerequisite Planning

Document Overview

This document is intended to help verify installation prerequisites prior to actual installation. This worksheet will also help for project planning when allocating resources for the installation.

Installation Prerequisites

Kinetic Request is built on top of the BMC Remedy AR System platform.  The form definitions and responses all live in the AR System environment.  Requestors interact with the application via a web-based interface.  The web component communicates with the Remedy platform using the published AR System Java API.  The web component requires a servlet engine to process the requests and communicate with the Remedy server.

The specific prerequisites are as follows:

  • Remedy AR System Server version 6.0 or above
  • Web Server with a Servlet Engine.  This can (but does not have to be) the same server that your Mid-Tier application is running on
    • Default engine is Apache Tomcat
    • ServletExec, JBOSS, Websphere are other options
    • JDK version 1.4 and above
  • Email Engine installed and configured
  • Remedy AR System web services plug-in (if using web service integration)
  • Kinetic Data consultant will need access to the Web  Server, the Directories, and files to install & configure the web component
  • Kinetic Data consultant will need AR System Administrator permissions in-order to execute the installation script which includes the following tasks:
    • Create new records in the Groups form
    • Import new Kinetic Request Forms and workflow onto your AR System Server
    • Import supporting configuration data and sample forms 
  • If Kinetic Data consultant will be using client supplied PC, that PC needs to have AR System Import Tool, Administrator, and User Tool installed on it
  • Please perform 

Installation Worksheets

Planning Information needed by Kinetic Data

What is the best time for us to arrive on the first day of the install?


Are there any specific parking spots or instructions?


Will an AR Administrator be available at all times?


If not, who else will we be able to contact?


With what current Remedy applications will Kinetic Request interact?


Will Kinetic Data have access to a desktop PC?


Will Kinetic Data consultant be able to connect their Laptop to your network and have access to Remedy and the Web/Mid Tier Servers?


If needed, will we be able to use Web-Ex?


Will we be able to access an outside FTP/Web site?


Will we have offsite VPN access?


Are your customers (the ones filling out the requests) internal or external or both?


If they are external, do they have access to the web server on which you will be installing the Kinetic Request web component?


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