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IMPORTANT - Product End of Life Statement - IMPORTANT

Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Installation Documentation


Identify Environment in which Kinetic Request will be installed

Action Request System Server(s)

Kinetic Request Version:


ARS Server Version/patch:


ARS  Server OS:


ARS Database/Version:


What is the name of your Remedy Server?


Email Engine Installed?


Web Server(s)
Will Kinetic Request be installed on your Remedy Mid-Tier server?  

Mid-Tier Version (if any):


Will the Mid-Tier servlet instance be shared between Kinetic Request and Mid-Tier?


What is the name of your web server?


What is your web server’s domain name?


Are the web Servers load balanced?


Are any IIS/other authentication schemes used?


Web Server OS:


Web Server:


Servlet Engine:


Java version


Kinetic Request will be installed on

Total Production ARS Servers:


Total Production Web Servers:


Total Dev/QA ARS Servers:


Total Dev/QA Web Servers:



Identify licensed users, permissions and roles

Role/Group Description Users

Remedy Administrator

Those that have the ability to set up integrations, perform application configuration and set up new reports.


Request Managers

Those that have the ability to create and modify Request templates.  Each person in this group must have a Kinetic Request Manager license.


Request Inspectors

Those that have the ability to view request results and run reports (does not required Kinetic Request license).


[Row Level Groups]

Identify the criteria to which each group is given access (such as via Service Catalog or Service Category).


[Messaging Groups]

Groups that need to be created (or are existing) that will be used for notifications on request submissions.




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