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Aging Report - Kinetic Request CE


The Aging report will show a listing of all Submissions that are in an "Open" Status and display Confirmation Number, Form Name, Status, Age, Create Date, and Updated Date.

Action Enabled

The action enabled by this report will allow you to apply more resources to the "Old" submissions.

Sample Report


Report Definition

Database Table:  


Search Criteria:  

'l_Status' = "Draft" or 'l_Status' = "In Progress" or 'l_Status' = "Pending Approval"

Fields Displayed:  

Form - c_formSlug 

Status - l_Status

Submitted - c_submittedAt

Updated - c_updatedAt

Calculated Fields:

Confirmation # - To display the Confirmation # I built a Calculated Field to display the last six characters of the c_id field:

Age (Days) - To display the Age (Days) I built a Calculated Field to display the difference between the current date and the c_submittedAt date:



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