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Add a Hyperlink to a Service Item

I would like to add a Hyperlink to my Service Item which will open a new Tab and display some related information.  How can I add a Hyperlink to my Service Item?


The following page from w3schools has some good examples:


For this example I will create a Hyperlink which will take the end user to the Kinetic Data Web Site.

To add a Hyperlink to a Service Item you would take the following steps:

1)  Add HTML Content to your Service Item by dragging the HTML Content to the desired place on your page.


2)  Name your Content and Enter the following:

<a href="" target="_blank"><b>Kinetic Data Web Site</b></a>

*Note that the "target="_blank" is the syntax for opening the URL in another Window.

3)  Save the Service Item (Green Save in the upper right).

4)  Preview the Service Item:


and you will see something like the following:


6)  Click the Kinetic Data Web Site Hyperlink and a New Tab will open and display the Kinetic Data Web Site:


*Note that the Hyperlink Service Item still appears on the First Tab above.