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UnorderedList Renderer


The Unordered List Renderer creates an HTML unordered list to display the search results. 

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Example: Unordered list without formatting applied. (formatting my be applied using CSS)


  • No additional requirements


Configuration and options are provided to the renderer schema via a nested JSON.  The Renderer JSON is a subschema to the Configuration JSON for KDSearch.  Name:Value pairs provide KDSearch the desired behaviors.

type: (function)
options: (nested JSON schema)
Values supplied here are specific to the Renderer and define the behavior of the Renderer.
  processSingleResult: (boolean) 
"true" or "false" value to indicate the behavior if one result it returned from the search.  "true" indicates the "clickCallback" function will be executed.


type: KDSearch.Renderers.UnorderedList,
options: {
    processSingleResult: true,