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Third-Party Software Support Statement


Kinetic Data directly supports the interactions with programming languages, libraries, operating systems, databases and other “third-party” resources as they directly relate to the installation and operation of the Kinetic Data application.

 Examples of supported activities include:

  • The inclusion of libraries in the base install if those libraries’ licenses allow for bundling. These include database drivers, Java libraries (.jars), Javascript libraries/frameworks and others that are part of the installation package and/or retrieved/linked on install.  Upgrades to Kinetic Data software may also include upgrades to these bundled libraries.

  • Bootstrap functions such as running SQL/CQL scripts to set up a database, creating records, configuring access to databases, file systems or other third-party software.

  • Performance tuning as it specifically relates to our software including database indices/queries, efficient application functioning, tuning tools/diagostics where appropriate and basic sizing metrics.

  • Creating compatibility matrices and suggested environments with certain versions of popular operating systems, databases and other third-party software.

  • Fielding support questions about compatibility and interactions with third-party software as a ‘best effort’ in order to help assure successful implementations with our customers.


Examples of unsupported activities include:

  • Vendor selection

  • Database Backups

  • OS or Database Patches

  • OS Tuning

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Third-Party Performance Tuning