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Structure differences between RE and CE

This article highlights the major differences between the bundle structures of Kinetic RE and Kinetic CE. As you can see below, the file structure has been dramatically simplified for kinetic CE.




For Kinetic CE, we have adopted JSTL in lieu of the JSP syntax that had been previously used in RE. This saves processing power and increases legibility. Along with this adoption, the file structure has been simplified to enable ease of use.


Within bundles of kinetic RE, there were package folders that held individual applications as well as a common folder that held files that were to be shared amongst the included packages. Kinetic CE has completely revised the bundle structure, having done away with the packages, instead turning each application into it's own bundle. For Kinetic CE, the common folder from RE has been integrated into Kinetic Core and any remaining files that could not be integrated now make up Kinetic CE's Kapp folder structure.

The fonts and languages folders that were located in assets folder in RE are now moved into the Core application. the remaining assets folders have been moved so that they are now in the Kapp folder. 

RE's fragments have been renamed to partials in CE and have no other major differences.


Where RE's framework had separate folders for helper, initialization, and model files. CE's bundle folder has merged these separate folders together with model files either being integrated into Core or being reformatted as helper files. The CE bundle folder also adds a new router.jspf file to handle proper navigation through the file structure.


In Kinetic RE, there used to be separate initialization files to configure the each part of the kapp (bundleInitialization for the bundle, a packageInitialization to configure each package, etc.). apart from these initialization files, there were also config.jspf to configures that configured different parts of the kapp. Kinetic CE has one initialization file that is used to initialize and configure the bundle.