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Users Console

Manage existing users or create new users.


This tool allows you to create and manage users within the space.


The Users Console in the Admin Kapp allows you to create and manage users, including updating properties, setting attribute values, applying roles, and adding to teams.

Users Home Page


The home page of the Users Console shows a table of all the existing users in the space. Expanding a user row will also show that user's teams and roles. The CreateBTN.PNG  button allows you to create new users. The ImportBTN.PNG button will allow you to import a CSV of users to create multiple users at once. The edit button  will allow you to edit the user. The clone button  will allow you to create a new user, but will pre-populate the values with those of the user you chose to clone.

Creating a New User

In order to create a new user, you must click the CreateBTN.PNG button. Here, you must enter a username, select whether the user will be enabled and whether they will be a space admin, and may fill in additional information such as email, display name, preferred language, and values for the profile and user attributes defined by your system. You may also select roles and teams for the user to be added to.


Cloning a User

You may also create a new user by cloning an existing user. Clicking the CloneBTN.PNG button in a user row will take you to the above page, but will pre-fill the appropriate fields (attributes, roles, teams, etc.) with the values of the user you chose to close.

Managing a User

You may edit existing users by clicking the EditBTN.PNG button in the user row. Here you may change any of the properties or attributes of the user, add or remove roles and teams, or delete the user from the system.


Importing Users from a CSV

You can mass create/update users by uploading a CSV file. The sidebar on the Users Console's home page offers a link to download a template CSV file for creating and updating users via CSV import. The template contains a column for each user property, user and profile attribute, role, and team. It also includes a single sample row which shows the required format for each column. (Role and team columns must be TRUE or FALSE values, attribute columns must be a simple string value or an array of values if the attribute allows multiple values. Empty values in default to FALSE is a boolean value is required.)

When you click the ImportBTN.PNG button, you will see a file picker where you can select the CSV file you want to import. If the username in the CSV already exists, that user will be updated with the data in the spreadsheet (if anything is left blank in the spreadsheet, ti will be removed if it was previously set on the user). If the username doesn't exist, a new user record will be created. After the import is completed, you will see an alert with the status of the import, telling you how many users were created and how many were updated. If an error occurs, you will see an alert with the error message.