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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Notification Components


This notification data configured in this console is used within a task tree to send the correct content message to the correct individual.


In Kinetic Request Core Edition, notifications can be created using variables from the submissions and other miscellaneous attributes to be able to send consistent messages in multiple languages where they can be edited in one central location.

Kapp Console

This functionality uses the following forms in the Admin KAPP:

  • Notifications - admin console for Notifications


Note: the necessary forms with some default values are installed with the console.

This keeps all the data, both template and snippets, in the following form: Notification Data in the Admin Kapp. There is also a Notification Dates Datastore to store viable date formats for the notifications. 


This functionality also uses the following routines in Task:

  • KD Notification Send Using Template - This is the primary process that takes the input information, looks up the submission (if one is provided), the pre-defined recipients, recipients, replaces all dynamic attributes except APPEARANCE tags, and sends the messages. Calls Kinetic Request CE Notification Template Send
  • KD Notification Standardize Recipients_v1 -Looks up whether provided recipient(s) were usernames, team names, and/or email addresses and returns a list.


The above routines use the following handlers:

  • Kinetic Request CE Notification Variables Build
  • Kinetic Request CE Notification Template Send

  • Utility JSON To XML



Category Management
A visual way to manage categories and subcategories.