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Category Management


Tool that allows a user to visually manage categories for each Kapp in the space.


In Kinetic Request Core Edition, categories are created at the Kapp level and are linear in scope. Sub-categories are not natively included. The Bundle Category Helper was created to assist in allowing Kinetic Request bundles to support subcategories, sorting and names with special characters. The Kapp-Admin Categories Console allows the user to manage categories in a visual manner using drag and drop functionality. For the categories to appear in your bundle as they appear in the Kapp-Admin Categories console, the Bundle Category Helper is required to be included in your bundle. Please follow the setup in Bundle Category Helper to create the necessary attribute definitions.

Adding Categories

New categories or sub-categories can be created through the form on the right sidebar and new categories will appear at the root level if no category is selected in the work area or the category will appear as a sub-category if a category is currently selected. The category name is required due to being the unique slug that is stored in the database and used in the bundle. The category name cannot contain special characters. If a name containing special characters is needed, the Display Name can be used and is an attribute to the category. If no Display Name is added the name will be used as the display name. 

Adding Root Category

Adding Sub-category

Editing Categories

Selecting a category brings up the edit form in the sidebar. The current values are displayed in each field and can be changed. Name is required and special characters are not allowed. To use special characters, use the Display Name field. 

Updating the name with a special character

Deleting Categories

Categories and whole category branches can be deleted by using the deletion button on a category. When a category is deleted all forms in that Kapp are updated and the category is removed. 

Deleting a Category Branch

Sorting Categories

The category administration console visually shows the categories for the selected Kapp as blocks that can be dragged and dropped for sorting or to create sub-categories. To move a block you select the block with your mouse and as you move the block, targets will appear with a dotted outline where the category can be placed. Connectors to the left of the category will appear when the category can be dropped as a sub-category. The drag and drop interface allows you to move whole branches of categories to create sub-categories or to order each branch or category. 

Moving a Branch