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The Admin kapp was created to aggregate administration functions, across Kapps, that are common but not natively part of Kinetic Request CE. Most consoles in Admin Kapp were created by the Professional Services team, but the Kapp allows anyone to create new consoles in their environment. Consoles can be created with jsp pages or forms and most common javascript libraries are included. For more information with what is included and the file structure please see the Kapp Admin github repository.

Administration Consoles

Each console administers different functions and can apply to all or selected kapps in the space. By using attributes in the Admin Kapp, you can apply administration to select kapps. 

Currently the Admin Kapp comes with the following consoles:

  • Category Management - A visual way to manage categories and subcategories. Moved into Management console section in latest version.
  • Datastore (previously known as Helper in Request RE) - Create and manage datastores, which are used to store supplementary data for your implementation of Kinetic Request.
  • Group Management - Define groups and management membership. A separate Teams Kapp has been created to manage teams (formerly known as groups).
  • Management - Manage Space, Kapp, and Form attributes and categories. Currently, the jsp files for this console need to be modified tor each specific implementation in order to allow for management of attributes. (The former Category Management console has now been moved into this new Management console section.)
  • Notifications - Create notification templates and snippets (which are small pieces that can be used within multiple templates). Notification data configured in this console is used within a task tree to send the correct content message to the correct individual in the correct language.
  • Robots - The ability to trigger Task Trees to run on recurring intervals.
  • Translations - Manage translation and language data for all of the Kapps.
  • Users - Manage existing users or create new users. 
  • Utilities - Manage utility forms related to managing the system. (Utility forms are forms that live inside the admin kapp but may be used in various kapps to allow for system management.)


Custom Admin Console creation instructions

  1. Create a new console form with the status of "Active" and type of "Console".
  2. Create a single page inside the form and set the Display Page property (in the Advanced Section) to "form-console.jsp".
  3. Create an HTML element in the page. This is where should build your custom console. 
  4. Go to the Admin Kapp. Your new console should now be visible, and clicking it should take you to a page showing the content you built.



  1. Create a Space if you don't already have one.
  2. Create a space directory in kinetic/app/bundles, if one does not exist.
  3. Download / clone the files from the Kapp Admin github repository into the space directory. You can rename the directory to something more descriptive / memorable or keep the directory name kapp-admin.
  4. Create a kapp in your space for the Admin Kapp and point the bundle to the directory you created in step 3. 
  5. Open the Admin Kapp page and go through the Setup Wizard to initialize the foundation data. 
  • A visual way to manage categories and subcategories.
  • Create and manage datastores, which are used to store supplementary data for your implementation of Kinetic Request.
  • Kinetic Robot is a component of the Admin Kapp that allows you to schedule the initiation of a task process at defined times. The Robot UI handles creating and maintaining the schedule as well as listing executions of the schedule. Workflow within Task actually schedules the executions of task trees using the data from the schedule UI.
  • Manage existing users or create new users.