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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Request CE Bundle Base


Base is intended to be an introduction to the Kinetic Request CE product.  The bundle has a home page, a profile page, a search results page, a setup page, a submission page, along with standard pages such as a submission review page and form display page.

Catalog / Home Page

http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>

The kapp.slug is configured in the management tool.  For more information on configuring the kapp slug please visit Kapp Setup Details.

The landing page consist of the head, main body and footer. The main body has a section of tabs.


Clicking the company name or company logo will take users back to the home page from any where in the site.  The search field is used to search for forms that belong to the current kapp.  The currently logged in user's display name is displayed in the upper right hand corner.  Clicking on the display name expands a dropdown menu.  The first option is edit profile.  This takes the user to the profile page where they can change account details.  The second option takes the user to the management tool.  The grid icon is a dropdown menu where users can navigate to other kapps.

The search field will check the kapp for results that match the query value.  The search checks the name, description and attributes of all forms on the kapp for matches.  Each word in the search field needs to match to get a result returned.  The search is case insensitive, but spelling is critical. 

The company name can be changed to a logo using attribute configuration in the management console.  Add Logo Url as a kapp attribute and give it a link to the image to be displayed.  By default the logo is set to be 40px high the default height can be overridden using a kapp attribute Logo Height PX.  

Main Body

The main body is made up of four tabs.  Each tab is actually a different page.  The HomeMy RequestsMy Approvals and Closed Submissions tabs.  A page refresh is done between tab selections so only the most current data that was available when the page was first loaded is displayed.  The data is 


The footer contains the Kinetic Logo on the left side and core build information on the right side.  The build date and version refer to the core application.  A link to the base bundle git repository is also included in the footer. 

Main Body

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Home tab

The Home tab is split into two sections a list of categories and forms on the left and a widget on the right.  Category titles display categories that have forms associated with them.  The form cards are made up of an icon, the title and a link to the from.  All forms that do not belong to a category are displayed under the uncategorized title.

The kapp attribute that is used to change out the widget is Side Bar HTML.

Visit the Category Definitions community page to learn more about adding and editing categories to your catalog.

My Requests tab

http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>?page=requests

The My Request tab displays all submissions, that have a coreState of Draft or Submitted, in a table with column titles Updated At, Form, Submission, and State.  Under the submission column the submission label is displayed as a link.  If the submission is in a draft coreState then clicking the link takes the user to the unsubmitted form to be submitted.  If the submission is in a submitted coreState then clicking the link takes the user to the submission page.  

The submission must be of type 'Service' and all coreStates are included in the table.  To give a form a specific type please visit Create Form.  All submissions display belong to the logged in user.

My Approvals tab

http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>?page=approval

The My Approvals tab displays all submissions in a table with column titles Updated At, Form, Submission, and State.  Under the submission column the submission label is displayed as a link.  If the submission is in a Draft coreState then clicking the link takes the user to the form to be submitted.  If the submission is in a Submitted coreState then clicking the link takes the user to the submission page.   

The submission must be of type 'Approval' and all coreStates are included in the table.  To give a form a specific type please visit Create Form.

Closed Submissions tab

http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>?page=complete

The Closed Submissions tab displays all submissions in a table with column titles Updated At, Form, Submission, and State.  This table is a list of all submissions in a state of Closed.  This is an example of server side pagination using a data attribute on the table HTML element to hold the pagination tokens.  Under the submission column the submission label is displayed as a link; clicking the link takes the user to the submission page.

Changeling the "Show" display quantity will start the table back to page one with the new quantity displayed.

Profile Page 

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http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>?page=profile

The profile page is used to change user attributes relative to the Request (CE) space.  Available attributes to change are email address, display name and password.

Search Results Page

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http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>?page=search&q=<QUERY STRING>

The results of a search will load a new page.  This page will list all of the forms, and the form description, that match the search query.  Using the search field in the header will preform a new search and reload the page. There is currently no built in option to filter the results that have been returned.

Submission Page

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http://<SERVER>/kinetic/<SPACE SLUG>/<KAPP SLUG>?page=submission&id=<SUBMISSION ID>

The submission details page has the title, creation date, status and description of the submission on the left side.  If Task is set up, a time line of node completions will display on the right side.   The Kapp has requirements for the running and display of Tasks.  First a Webhook must be configured to talk to Task from the Kapp, then two kapp attributes must be set up.  

Required kapp attributes for task runs example:

Task Server Url         https://<SERVER>/kinetic-task

Task Source Name    <the Source Name that was used during setup>


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Bundles utilize a very structured configuration.  Moving, Removing or Renaming of specific files can have a damaging effect on the performance of a bundle.

File Layout for base bundle

starting from the space

      • ​<bundle> - Include bundle level Java files here, like helper files
        • FormHelper.jspf - Used as a form filter
        • SearchHelper.jspf - Used to search kapp forms based on search queries
        • SetupHelper.jspf - Used to identify if the application has required unconfigured attribute (to make an attribute required a change to the initialization code must be made)
        • SubmissionHelper.jspf - Used to retrieve submissions by type, core state, and/or quantity to return (by default this helper will only fetch submissions within the last 30 days)
        • initialization.jspf - used to import Java classes, include custom classes, and load tag libraries
        • router.jspf - used as a page router
      • <css>
        • <scss> - Directory used to hold scss files that will be compile to the master css file (review sass compiling for method to use scss)
        • master.css - A file compiled from the scss directory (all modification of this file will be overwritten if the scss file is ever recompiled)
      • <images> - Image files are stored here
      • <js> - Custom javascript files for use in the bundle
      • <layouts>
        • form.jsp - Used for embedded form display
        • layout.jsp - The head of the html document (include in all jsp's)
      • <libraries> - JavaScript and Css third party libraries are located in this foulder
      • <pages> - Portal pages that are not the site landing (home) page are located in this folder
        • approval.jsp - For display of the My Approvals table
        • closed.jsp - For display of the Closed Submissions table
        • profile.jsp - For display of space level user attributes
        • requests.jsp - For display of the My Requests table
        • search.jsp - For display of search results
        • setup.jsp - If the application starts with required unconfigured attribute the setup page will be displayed
        • submission.jsp - For display of submissions for a user (the display list comes from Submission Helper)
      • <partials> - This directory contains reusable views 
        • header.jsp - The navigation bar at the top of all pages
        • review.jsp - ???
        • formCard.jsp - Used to display forms on the home page
        • footer.jsp - The footer is displayed on all pages.  Includes core build version and build date
        • submissions.jsp - A table display of all submissions
        • tabs.jsp - For display of the tabs partial on kapp.jsp, approval.jsp, closed.jsp and requests.jsp
      • confirmation.jsp - After a form has been submitted the confirmation page displays
      • form.jsp - The bread and butter of the Kinetic Request product line
      • kapp.jsp -  The landing/home page
      • login.jsp - Bundle level login
      • resetPassword.jsp - ???
      • space.jsp - A display of all the kapp's that belong to a space

External Libraries

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Externally created library files:

bootstrap - HTML, CSS, and JS framework used to develop responsive web sites

jquery-dataTables - A JQuery plug-in used to add advanced interaction controls to HTML tables

jquery -  A JavaScript library used to make HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax simpler to use

font awesome - Scalable vector icon library moment - A JavaScript library used to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates

typeahead - A JavaScript library used to build type a head input menu displays

kd-search - A Kinetic Data JavaScript configuration interface to the data tables library

notifie -  A Kinetic Data JavaScript library used to provide simple customizable notifications


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Review the Source Code on Github or Download the zip file.

The latest build of kinetic base will be included with your version of Request (CE).


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