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Upgrading a Kinetic Bridgehub Instance

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Instructions for how to upgrade a Kinetic Bridgehub installation to a new version.

Upgrading Steps

1) Download the .war file for the Kinetic Bridgehub version to upgrade to.

All versions of the kinetic-bridgehub.war file can be found on the Kinetic Bridgehub application page.

2) Save data from previous Kinetic Bridgehub installation

  • If using Cassandra configuration clustering:
    • Your data will be automatically carried over after reinstalling the new Kinetic Bridgehub version, so you can skip directly to installing the new Kinetic Bridgehub version
  • If using Local configuration storage (the default configuration option)
    • In the Tomcat server for your current Kinetic Bridgehub installation, navigate to the /webapps directory
    • To save bridge configurations, copy /kinetic-bridgehub/WEB-INF/db/bridgehub.db and store it somewhere outside your Tomcat installation for now
    • To save application configurations, copy /kinetic-bridgehub/WEB-INF/config/ and store it somewhere outside your Tomcat installation for now

3) Install the new Kinetic Bridgehub version

  • Shutdown the Kinetic Bridgehub Tomcat server
  • Inside the Tomcat servers /webapps directory, delete the previous verisons kinetic-bridgehub.war and kinetic-bridgehub directory.
  • Inside the Tomcat servers /webapps directory, drop in the new version of the kinetic-bridgehub.war
  • Startup the Kinetic Bridgehub Tomcat server to deploy the application

4) Migrating data from the old version to the new version

  • After the application has fully deployed, shutdown the Kinetic Bridgehub Tomcat server again
  • To migrate over bridge configurations:
    • Go to /webapps/kinetic-bridgehub/WEB-INF and create a directory named db
    • Copy the previously saved bridgehub.db file into /webapps/kinetic-bridgehub/WEB-INF/db
  • To migrate over application configurations:
    • Copy the previously save file into /webapps/kinetic-bridgehub/WEB-INF/config
  • After copying in the configuration files, startup the Kinetic Bridgehub Tomcat server.


After restarting for the last time, all your previous settings and bridge configurations should be carried over. To read more about the change in features for each Kinetic Bridgehub version, go over to the Kinetic Bridgehub application page.