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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Kinetic Request CE - Version 2.1.1

Release Overview

Kinetic Request CE 2.1.1 resolves a few minor bugs that were identified in the 2.1.0 release. Version 2.1.0 introduced powerful new capabilities that enables users to store and query for large datasets in a scalable, performant way via Datastore Forms. It also added a feature which allows form and workflow developers to evaluate exactly what's changed when an Update Webhook is called. Release notes can be found here.

New Installation Instructions

Install Links & Guides

The following installation files are needed for setting up your Kinetic Request CE System:
Kinetic Request CE Application
Kinetic Request CE Cassandra Schema

Detailed installation instructions for setting up Kinetic Request CE can be found here: Kinetic Request CE Install Guide

Related Product Installation Guides

Typically, customers will extend Kinetic Request CE's functionality by installing the following components as well:

Kinetic Task:  The workflow automation and integration hub for Kinetic Request.  Kinetic Task helps business deliver approvals, fulfillment, notifications and other integrations to nearly any application. (Install Guide)

Kinetic Bridgehub: The front-end integration hub used to store and run various Bridge Adapters that will be used to access data from different systems and convert it into a single, standardized bridging interface. (Install Guide)

Kinetic Filehub: The file storage and retrieval hub containing various Filestore Adapters that can be used to access files from different systems using a single, standardized interface. (Install Guide)

Upgrade Instructions


  1. You must have a download of the new Kinetic Request CE 2.1.1 web archive (.war)


  • If you are upgrading from a version before v1.0.4, please see the Upgrade Instructions from v1.0.3 to v1.0.4+ guide.
  • If you are upgrading from a version before v1.1.0, any custom bundles that leverages the built in password reset will need to update their passwordReset.jsp to match changes in request-ce-bundle-base.
  • If you are upgrading from a version before v2.1.0, please see the 2.1.0 Upgrade Instructions before proceeding as that version included Database Schema Changes which need to be made.
  1. Backup the existing web application directory (%TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic).
  2. Deploy the Kinetic Request CE web archive (.war) file.
  3. Copy the following directories:
    1. %BACKUP%/kinetic/app/bundles to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/app
    2. %BACKUP%/kinetic/app/root-bundle to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/app
    3. %BACKUP%/kinetic/app/shared-bundles to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/app
    4. %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/config to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/WEB-INF
  4. Copy any non-standard .jar files to the tomcat shared lib (this is not typical, and only needs to be done if you've added custom .jar files to the application):
    1. %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/lib/... to %TOMCAT%/lib
  5. If SAML is being used (and if upgrading from a version lower than 2.0.0):
    1. Find the name of the IDP file by looking for the security.saml.idp.filebased.url value in the %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/classes/ file(s).
    2. Copy the IDP files from %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/classes/... to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/WEB-INF/config
  6. Restart tomcat.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Summary Details Issue Number(s)
Resolved bug where improper authorization was granted in spaces that were configured as a Single Page App. Display authorization was being ignored when displaying embedded forms/submissions when the space is configured as a Single Page App.

This bug was introduced in Version 2.1.0 and was would have only been an issue if the Single Page App feature (part of 2.1.0) was being leveraged.
Resolved bug with spaces configured as a Single Page App where the location field under Space Settings looked empty even though it was set. When a space is configured as a Single Page App, a "Location" field is presented to users under Space > Settings. This bug resolved an issue where the location field looked empty even though it was populated. KCORE-2206
Resolved a bug that form developers experienced when using the Firefox browser to add choices to a checkbox/radio button question. If using the Firefox Browser to add choice options to a checkbox or radio button field, an additional "empty" choice was being added. This fix resolves that bug for Firefox Users. KCORE-2212