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Kinetic Request CE - Version 2.0.4

New Installation Instructions

The following installation files are needed for setting up your Kinetic Request CE System:
Kinetic Request CE Application
Kinetic Request CE Cassandra Schema

Detailed installation instructions for setting up Kinetic Request CE can be found here: Kinetic Request CE Install Guide

Related Product Installation Guides

Typically, customers will extend Kinetic Request CE's functionality by installing the following components as well:

Kinetic Task:  The workflow automation and integration hub for Kinetic Request.  Kinetic Task helps business deliver approvals, fulfillment, notifications and other integrations to nearly any application. (Install Guide)

Kinetic Bridgehub: The front-end integration hub used to store and run various Bridge Adapters that will be used to access data from different systems and convert it into a single, standardized bridging interface. (Install Guide)

Kinetic Filehub: The file storage and retrieval hub containing various Filestore Adapters that can be used to access files from different systems using a single, standardized interface. (Install Guide)

Upgrade Instructions


  1. You must have a download of the new Kinetic Request CE 2.0.4 web archive (.war).  
  2. Update your DB schema for the keyspace used by Kinetic Request CE if upgrading from a version lower than 2.0.0. 


  1. Backup the existing web application directory (%TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic).
  2. Deploy the Kinetic Request CE web archive (.war) file supplied by Kinetic Data support.
  3. Copy the following directories:
    1. %BACKUP%/kinetic/app/bundles to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/app
    2. %BACKUP%/kinetic/app/root-bundle to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/app
    3. %BACKUP%/kinetic/app/shared-bundles to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/app
    4. %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/config to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/WEB-INF
  4. Copy any non-standard .jar files to the tomcat shared lib (this is not typical, and only needs to be done if you've added custom .jar files to the application):
    1. %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/lib/... to %TOMCAT%/lib
  5. If SAML is being used (and if upgrading from a version lower than 2.0.0):
    1. Find the name of the IDP file by looking for the security.saml.idp.filebased.url value in the %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/classes/ file(s).
    2. Copy the IDP files from %BACKUP%/kinetic/WEB-INF/classes/... to %TOMCAT%/webapps/kinetic/WEB-INF/config
  6. Restart tomcat.

* KCORE-2031 Automated false-positive index entry repair sometimes removes the wrong index entry
* KCORE-2032 When searching, an empty string should be treated the same as null