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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Kinetic Request CE - Version 2.0.0


Kinetic Request CE 2.0 adds the support for teams, submission activities, submission handles, and submission support access.  Teams allow you to organize users into groups, and leverage these memberships in the security policies used to determine who has access to a kapp, form, or submission.  Submission activities provide a mechanism to associate information related to the submission, such as the list of tasks (and their current status) needed to fulfill the service request.  Submission handles provide a helpful a helpful way to identify submissions and can be used as confirmation number or friendly ids.  Submission support access provides a mechanism to define security policies that specify who should have access to the non-sensitive information about a submission, allowing individuals such as help desk technicians access to the information necessary to support a caller.

Upgrade Instructions


You must have a download of the new Kinetic Request CE 2.0.0 web archive (.war).  Contact support if you are a current customer upgrading your application.


  1. Update your DB schema for the keyspace used by Kinetic Request CE.
  2. Backup your properties and configuration files.  
    This includes your bundles directory (/app/*) and configuration directory (/WEB-INF/config).
  3. Deploy the Kinetic Request CE web archive (.war) file.
  4. Replace the bundles and properties files.
    This includes the bundles directory (/app/*) and configuration directory (/WEB-INF/config) backed up in step 1.

Change Log

* KCORE-1530 Implement teams
* KCORE-1569 Implement OAuth provider functionality
* KCORE-1572 Implement submission handle
* KCORE-1587 Implement submission activities
* KCORE-1593 Implement submission support access

* KCORE-1524 Improve performance for submitting forms with a large number of fields
* KCORE-1554 Limit ability to change a space slug to only the system administrator account
* KCORE-1594 Add ability to reference optional fields/attributes/etc when evaluating expressions
* KCORE-1595 When displaying a submission to a user that has 'Submission Access' but not 'Submission Modification' privileges, automatically render in review mode

* KCORE-975 Attachment fields should fire change events
* KCORE-1083 Checkbox fields should not require an array when setting a single default value
* KCORE-1190 Enter does not work as expected when creating list choices
* KCORE-1418 Renaming a security policy definition breaks references to the definition
* KCORE-1525 Webhook body content encodes some UTF-8 characters as '?'
* KCORE-1526 Date and Date/Time fields values show up in Chinese for some users
* KCORE-1552 Renaming a user profile attribute breaks references to the definition
* KCORE-1556 Submission searching should be case insensitive
* KCORE-1584 Cloning a form should not copy the Created By information
* KCORE-1620 Login and Reset Password redirects are not encoding username
* KCORE-1643 Dropping a file onto an attachment field sets the value for all attachments on the page
* KCORE-1647 Sharing a name between a field and section causes client-side error