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IMPORTANT - Product End of Life Statement - IMPORTANT

Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Kinetic Request CE - Version 1.1.0


Includes fix for translating the content of Text/HTML Elements and minor bug fixes for submission searching.

Upgrade Instructions


You must have a download of the new Kinetic Request CE 1.1.0 web archive (.war).  Contact support if you are a current customer upgrading your application.


Below are the steps to upgrade:

  1. Backup your properties and configuration files.  
    This includes your bundles directory (/app/bundles) and configuration directory (/WEB-INF/config).
  2. Deploy the Kinetic Request CE web archive (.war) file.
  3. Replace the bundles and properties files.
    This includes the bundles directory (/app/bundles) and configuration directory (/WEB-INF/config) backed up in step 1.

Change Log

* KCORE-1385 Create a webhook callback for User creation
* KCORE-1484 Ensure all session content is serializable so that sessions are persistable and rolling restarts/upgrades are possible
* KCORE-1486 Allow K.load to set parent and origin
* KCORE-1487 Implement user profile attributes
* KCORE-1500 Add require authentication config for spaces and kapps
* KCORE-1508 As a first time user, I want my welcome process to be easier
* KCORE-1515 Expose request information (headers, parameters, etc) as bindings to scriptables
* KCORE-1518 Add confirm dialog for delete of bridged resource
* KCORE-1520 Consolidate space/kapp navigation into a lefthand navbar

* KCORE-1461 No conflict breaks change events for custom rendered fields
* KCORE-1482 Problems evaluating submission labels should not raise exceptions
* KCORE-1488 Submission patching should only update values that were passed
* KCORE-1489 /me endpoint does not handle attributes the same way as /users/ME
* KCORE-1490 The sample file contains property names for the client-server encryption settings that correspond with the property names the application expects.
* KCORE-1491 Provide a better error message if keystore / truststore files cannot be found
* KCORE-1492 The default ca-certs file is currently being replaced by the cassandra keystore / truststore
* KCORE-1493 Authorization not applied when including parent and origin to submission endpoint
* KCORE-1497 The /SPACE/app/api/v1/kapps/KAPP/forms endpoint only shows modifiable forms
* KCORE-1501 Searching by a Kapp field that is not present on all forms sometimes raises "Unknown Field" errors
* KCORE-1505 Null field label resulting in Null Pointer Exception on render
* KCORE-1507 User and Identity webhooks should include space bindings
* KCORE-1511 Cache control headers should be added to all non-static resource requests
* KCORE-1512 Submission submittedAt/submittedBy should be set when a submission is created in a 'Closed' state
* KCORE-1516 Submission search may provide incomplete results if an AND segment contains more than the LIMIT results