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More consoles including the System console and some information on Support


System Console details - User, Licensing, Spaces


This is the basic System Spaces Console.

You start with a list of all the spaces, an option to create a space and a link to the System properties.

Overview of a specific space is just the name of the space (and slug):

Users can be entered by hand, or they can be created automatically when authenticated (properties setting - by Space).


The System console hold information that goes across the Spaces like configuration, logs, and licensing.

Basic Configuration console determines the type of default page. Other options are Display Page and Redirect.

Configuration User allows you to change the default admin|admin user id.

Licensing lets you apply the license for the Request CE system (across all Spaces).

Logs are covered below.


Logs are available in the Space Admin|Logs console.

Four options are available: Application (pictured), Environment, and Index Error and Webhook Error. There is also an option to download all.

Application covers some basic communication with the Cassandra database and consoles, but most of the information revolves around displaying forms/submissions.

Environment is mainly a list of the settings and versions of the application and other surrounding pieces.

Webhook Error is specific to webhooks based on the Space. The main webhook information is in the Kapp setup console.

Index Errors are normally issues when connections are interrupted with Cassandra.

Logs are also avalable from the System console, but they are just all of the Space logs combined.


Maintenance of the application including logs.