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Understanding your onboarding submissions


Besides the answers to the questions you add to your form, each submission has the following built in values:

onboarding Submission.png

System assigned values:

  • Submission ID - unique value for submission
  • Form - Name of Form from submission
  • Type - type of form from creation
  • Submitted By - authenticated user
  • Submitted At - Date/Time made it to the submission page
  • Closed At - Date/Time set using Task Handler or other outside process
  • State - Draft, Submitted, Closed
  • Draft - one page submitted - no Confirmation page
  • Submitted - reached Confirmation page
  • Closed - all processing for this and related submissions complete. This is normally set by the Task engine or other outside process and is business rule driven.

These are Kapp specific fields that can be used by adding these specific names to your Form.

  • Assigned Group
  • Assigned Individual
  • Due Date
  • Deferral Token
  • Requested By
  • Requested For
  • Status

These fields are searchable across the entire Kapp. However, you must add them to the form with the exact name. A list is available under the kapp settings. Common practice is to add them to a template and clone that. We did that with the onboarding form.


All of the answers from a submission are stored as strings, except Checkboxes and Attachments. Even dates are stored as a string.

Checkboxes are store as an array.

When you reference a checkbox answer in javascript for a conditional display you need something besides a comparison. For example:

values('Employee Needs').indexOf("Hardware")>-1

This checks the array for a value of "Hardware" and resolves to true if it is present.

Attachments are stored using Filehub.

Submission Labels

One of the most useful features of Request CE is custom labels for Submissions. You set the label on the general tab of the Form.

form label.png

Under Submission Label you can combine static text and values and other options to create informative labels for your submissions. For example, you could combine the name of the form with the User ID and the Manager.


Understand how answers are saved and what other values are available with submissions.