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Using events to improve the onboarding form.


Events add functionality like lookups and searching to your Forms. In the case of onboarding, we'll use them for lookups of managers or employee hardware profiles.

Events are added along the right side of the Form Builder, normally below Display or Visibility.

event list.png

Each Event is based off a Type and an Action.


There are four available Types for events

  • Click - used with buttons
  • Change - used with Fields
  • Load - used when a page loads
  • Submit - used when a page is submitted


Only two types of actions are available

  • Set Fields - update values in Fields
  • Custom - create your own action using javascript

Other Fields

Name - Descriptive text

Run If - possible qualification for the event. If it resolves to true the event fires. A blank qualification resolves to true.

Action Examples

Set fields is commonly used to complete answers on a submission based upon a value. Two examples are completing fields based on the logged in user, and looking up a user by last name.

Here is an example screenshot for setting requesting for information for onboarding:

event details.png

You can see that the first and last name values are both put into the Requested for Name field on the form.

An example of a Custom Submit event:


If you are returning multiple fields for a Customer to make a choice, you need to make sure that fields are visible that you want and in the order that makes the most sense.

Here is an example of sorting and showing a person return event with multiple options.


Create multiple types of events.