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Activity 5A - Data Interlude



Looking at Datastores in the Admin Kapp, and adding data for Onboarding


Of course we have that data. It's stored in here, right...right? OK, so if it's not in there where do we put it?


The Admin Kapp has a few different features including Categorizations and Messaging. We're going to use it for a Datastore. A Datastore is an adhoc collection of data. For the purpose of this class we will use it to hold configuration data.

Documentation on the Admin Kapp is collected here.


Forms in datastore could include, Applications, City, Sites, States, and People. Basic data for the class examples is included in these forms


Because we are using data from the Admin Kapp datastore, all of our bridges point to that data.


Replace the Site portion of the New Employee information with a dynamic menu based on a datastore.

Check out the Help Text on the right of the Configuration console, it has definitions for all the fields and functions on the page.


What's Next

Move to the Bridges activities and see if any of your data is visible.