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Activity 4 - Display and Validate



Depending on what options the customer selects as they complete the onboarding form, they should only see certain other options. In this activity you can set visibility to certain elements on your form.


Two display/validation options come to mind right away, selecting who is submitting the form, and hardware options. There are more options for your onboarding form, feel free to experiment.

Other options are listed below.


Display Options

Make fields in the Requested For section hidden or visible based on another field choice

Make the drop-down lists for laptop and desktop options hidden until an option is selected for either one


Make some of the Requested for fields Read Only when visible


Set the User Id question to required if the Someone Else option is selected for Requested For


Set a limiting pattern on a question (email address is the example) - ^[\w-\.]+\@[\w\.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}$

These are just suggestions. Please select your own options as needed

What's Next

The form is working pretty well, but why are we letting the customer enter their own data? Lets fix that.

Download a completed example here.