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Activity 3 - Questions



Add a variety of the questions from the Onboarding requirements you've created


Now you start putting more substance to the Onboarding form.

Types of questions are determined by the requirements. However, please add some variety to cover all the different question types.


Follow Onboarding requirements for types and styles of questions.

I recommend to always put questions into sections. It makes future actions easier, and could help with styling.

Examples of questions to Add:

Page One

  • Employee Identification - name, site, email, etc
  • Manager Information - user Id, email, etc

Hardware Information

  • Information on existing User's hardware
  • New hardware - laptop, desktop and options

Software Information

  • General applications - Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Additional applications - social media tracking, database tools, reporting tools


What's Next

Add some dynamic options to limit choices

Download a completed example onboarding form.