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This course is intended to give a high level overview of Kinetic Data Request Core Edition bundle creation.

Kinetic Request can be thought of as being made up of three parts.

  • There are the data persisted structures. Kapps, categories and form definitions are example structures. These live in the database.

  • There is the application's code which gives Request its business rules.

  • There is the ability to write custom code; Kinetic calls the custom code a "bundle".

All custom coded files gets added to a single directory. That directory is then added to the kinetic application space directory.  This grouping of code files are called a Bundle.  Once a custom bundle is developed the directory will need to be named.  After that the kapp can be pointed to the new bundle by adding the name to the Bundle Path field. When a kapp is pointed to a custom bundle we have the option of setting an entry point.


  •  A directory is a cataloging structure for a computer that holds references to files and other directories.
  • A computer file is a self contained piece of information available to the operating system and any number of individual programs.
  • For the most part directory and file names can be a mix of Upper and Lower case letters along with numbers and spaces.
  • To Point a kapp at a bundle means to give Request CE a directory name located in a specific file that it can use to begin it processing.
    • The file path for placing the bundle is webapps/kinetic/app/bundles/ <space directory name>/ <bundle directory name>/
    • Space directory name must match the space slug by default. (this can be overridden form the Management Console under the Space section) 

Important Concepts:

A Kapp can be pointed at a specific bundle from the Management Consoles.

  • Enter the path to the bundle starting from (relative to) the space directory.  It is not necessary to add the space directory into the path.

From the Management Console the entry point to the bundle can be set by changing the Kapp Display Page value.

  • By default the kapp will open to the kapp.jsp page in the root of the bundle directory it is pointed at.

Many technologies can be utilized in the creation of a custom bundle.  One of the technology used in bundle development is JSP, which stands for JavaServer Pages. JavaServer Pages are a technology that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages.