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Response Codes

The server response to any REST API request will always contain a HTTP response code. The subset of response codes used by the REST API is described below. Using the response code, the user can rectify any errors that may arise when using the REST API.

All responses that result in an error will contain a text message returned in the JSON format similar to the following:

  "error": "Resource not found"

Some error responses will also contain a list of errors if there is more than one reason for the failure, such as missing multiple required values. Those response messages will look like the following:

  "error": "The ... could not be updated.",
  "errors": {
    "name": [
      "Name may only contain letters, numbers, hyphens, and spaces"
    "slug": [
      "Slug may only contain alpha-numeric or hyphen characters, and may not be set to 'app'"

0 - Not Available

This error code indicates the server was not available to respond to the request, so the browser generated the error internally. Check the URL to make sure the correct server is being called. If the correct server is being called, contact a system administrator to verify the server is running and is accessible via the URL.

200 - OK

The request was successful and the server returned with a response that may contain a text or JSON object.

400 Bad Request

The request was made with an invalid parameter or body content. The request should not be submitted again with the same values. This error indicates the user provided invalid content, and the request may be made again after the user changes either the parameters and/or body content.

401 Unauthorized

The request requires the user to be authenticated before receiving a successful response. The user should either authenticate using a login form, or by sending in the authentication credentials token using the HTTP Basic Authentication header (Authorization).

403 Forbidden

The authenticated user performing the request does not have access to the resource. Try again with a different user account.

404 Not Found

The resource for the provided URL does not exist. The URL should be checked to validate all path parameters are using the correct value.

500 Server Error

There was an internal server error while processing the request. This is likely a bug in the application and should be reported to a system administrator.