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Runtime Environment Variables

Configurable environment variables can be supplied to the JVM on startup of the web server to override certain behavior specific to the deployment of the web application. None of these variables are required. If not provided, the default values will be used.

These environment variables should be supplied as JVM -D options when starting the web server. The typical place to do this is in the web server configuration file, or in the case of a Windows service, in the service configuration details.

Environment Variable Description Default Value
-Dcom.kineticdata.core.configuration.cassandra.contactpoint Cassandra server <loaded from>
-Dcom.kineticdata.core.configuration.cassandra.keyspace Cassandra keyspace name <loaded from>
-Dcom.kineticdata.core.dataDirectory Directory used to read/write data (logs and config files) <webapp>/WEB-INF
-Dcom.kineticdata.core.environment Indicates production or development environment production
-Dcom.kineticdata.core.xForwardHeader Header named used by proxy server x-forwarded-for