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Using Kinetic Selectors

Using the runtime API you can use patterns to retrieve information and objects pertaining to the form. For detailed documentation see the class reference. Here are some examples:

    // Selecting the current form.
    // Selecting a form by slug. If multiple forms of the same slug are loaded you will
    // receive an array of forms.
    // Selecting a field by name.
    // Selecting a bridged resource by name

Other supporting form data can also be selected.

    // Selecting the current page
    // Selecting the current submission data.
    // Selecting the current kapp.
    // Selecting the current identity.

Many selectors can be nested, for example:

    // Selecting a field by name which is on the current page.
    K('form page field[FirstName]')

Selectors imply the active form so the ‘form’ selector can nearly always be omitted:

    // Get the FirstName field for the current page.
    K('page field[FirstName]')

A number of form elements can also be selected by their names:

    // Selecta a button by name
    K('button[Refresh List]')
    // Select a section by name
    K('section[Personal Information]')
    // Select a text element by name.